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“The epic Splendors of the Nation’s most awe-inspiring National Parks”


“Pure Riding Pleasure and full-throttle Adventure”


“When it’s all about the Journey, it’s best to travel in Style”


“Seriously, what are you waiting for?”


“It’s the very Fabric that made up the Pioneers of the West”


“The Journey is the Reward”


“Not your Pappy’s Motorcycle Tour”


“A different Kind of Motorcycle Tour”



 We had a blast 

marcWhat a dream, riding my favorite motorcycle without the hassle of owning my own bike. My buddy and I participated in a 3-day ride through California and had a blast! We are both locals but had no idea about some of the beautiful places the Roadery took us to, especially the San Gabriel Mountains and the Pines to Palms Highway. We stayed in two really cool hotels and also had time to enjoy a few hours by the pool. The whole thing was very organized and well put together.


Marc Joines, Los Angeles, USA



 There is no better way to explore the West 

frankThe Route 66 tour was more than just a trip to check off the bucket list. 4 states, 8 days, 1400+ miles and great memories that will last a lifetime. You definitely get the inside scoop with really charming accommodations, unique restaurants and byways you would not discover on your own. The highlights for me were driving through Monument Valley, Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon — totally breathtaking nature. Can’t wait to go on another tour. 


Frank Striefler, Venice Beach, USA



 My favorite weekend in California 

martinWhat I thought would be a chore, driving down California’s choked highways, turned out to be a wonderful jaunt down Pacific Coast Highway on a gloriously sunny weekend. We saw sights along the way that only an insider can have knowledge of,  from the tucked away beaches and hidden vista points to the right eateries and boutique hotels. My motorcycle was almost brand new, nicely customized and didn’t look anything like a stock rental bike. Thank you, The Roadery, for a highly recommended scoot through CA.


Martin Biswurm, Seoul, Korea

Totally worth the flight from Germany  

oliverIt’s a long flight from Germany but I couldn’t resist the urge to go on a US Tour. My friend and I spent some time in Las Vegas before the tour started. Death Valley and Yosemite were phenomenal experiences  and when we reached San Francisco we were glad we could take a day off, explore the city and refuel for the amazing 2nd half of the tour – driving down Highway 1 to L.A. via Big Sur. I will definitely come back for another tour, probably on Route 66.


Oliver Janik, Berlin, Germany




 An incredible experience 

richI had an incredible experience with The Roadery. We went through Angeles National Forest to 29 Palms, into Joshua Tree and back to L.A. via Palm Springs. To say this trip was an incredible mark on my life is not hyperbole. Waking up at 5:00am to catch the sunrise at Joshua Tree was epic. The images they provided marked my journey nicely. Accommodations, bikes and food were all top notch, always with a twist of culture and class – never predictable.  I have recommended this trip to all of my friends.


Richard Prenderville, Boston, USA

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